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Advanced beginner/Intermediate equipment questions

So, can you guys tell me how to really know what combination of paddle and rubbers someone should get who is not as skilled and experienced as you all? Obviously, it is a matter of taste but for me, at my level, all the combinations of small, medium pips, rubber, paddles feel good once I have played with them for a few hours. And why does my home coach (Brad, you know who I mean) give me so many different options?

Hey Phil! In my opinion this is very personal to each player. Some players like to look in depth at the speed, spin, hardness of a racket and rubbers on the manufacturers site to see if it is for them. However for me personally I like to go off of instinct and simply try around a few different combinations until deciding what I like. When I was younger I copied Timo Boll's racket setup because he used a lot of spin similar to my game. I ended up using this equipment for about 7 years. In more recent years my game has become more about speed and staying close to the table so I tried out the setup of another lefthanded player I admired Koki Niwa, his racket and rubber selection felt excellent for my game and I have now used his racket and rubber for over 2.5 years. This setup is the Victas Koki Niwa Blade with Victas V15 Extra on both sides.

Thanks, Chase. I have also used the Victas Koki Niwa blade extensively. Excellent blade.

Koki Niwa ALC pairs well with Victas V15 Extra for sure! All Victas products are available on LearnPong's equipment store - I recommend this set up to intermediate and advanced players.


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