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Para Ping Pong - Timo Boll plays wheelchair table tennis

Excellent Vlog by Timo Boll of Germany National Team, check it out. These Para-Olympic wheelchair players are incredible.

Starting at 11:50 Timo plays them while also in a wheelchair. Pretty crazy points! Starting at 29:33 Timo stands up and hits some with them. Impressive blocks from Baus! I’m sure this was a special experience for them. It was nice of Timo, and I’m sure he was happy to do it. In my experiences meeting him in Germany (and hitting with him briefly!) he is a really genuine, humble and friendly guy.

I remember my first US Open a Para-olympic wheelchair player crushed me. My level at the time was around 1600 and he was close to 1800 (with some wins off 2000+ opponents). The best wheelchair player in America is close to 2100 against abled-bodied opponents, and I’d estimate the German National Team wheelchair players are closer to 2200. It surprises me how hard they can loop the ball using only arm and upper body. The German players discuss this a bit in the vlog.

Fun fact: when an abled-bodied table tennis is serving to a wheelchair player, serves must be half-long and long so the wheelchair player can reach.. The wheelchair player has the option to call a "let" (redo) if the serve isn't long enough. Pro tip: practice your long fast serves before playing a wheelchair player. Also, never underestimate them, ever!

Best of luck to the Para-olympians in their upcoming competitions.

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