Match Analysis

Do you have match footage from tournament or club play? Our team will analyze your gameplay, including tactics, technique and more. We will write 1-2 pages of feedback and constructive criticism and create a custom training plan on how to improve your game. Video-chat followup and other add-ons available including match analysis with our professional player Kai Zhang of USA’s National Team.


  • Big picture analysis of your game
  • Specific strategic strengths and weaknesses
  • Technique strengths and weaknesses
  • Serve and shot selection suggestions
  • Drills tailored for your specific game for maximum improvement
  • Multiple add-ons available


Have analysis performed by Elite Coach?

Up to twenty minute video conference to go over analyzed match and any follow-up questions you may have.

20 minutes are included in the base price, use the drop-downs below to add additional time if your video is longer than 20 minutes.

Upload match video for analysis, video can be cropped or edited. If video length exceeds the time you have paid for only the first X minutes will be used. If you would prefer to link a video hosted elsewhere (ie youtube), you can to do so below.

(max file size 100 MB)

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